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Second testing of the digital tool in classrooms


The SOS IB pedagogy team is pleased to move into the second phase of testing the SOS IB digital tool, which boasts enhanced features for lecturer collaboration. Based on preliminary testing with lecturers and programmers, we have adapted some of the tool’s functionalities to the needs of lecturers in co-designing learning simulations and in networking and exploring potential (international) collaborative learning processes.

Another important focus of this testing phase is the significant increase in the number of students involved. We expect around 40 participants from Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria as well as other countries in Europe and worldwide, as the simulated cases on sustainable international business will also involve Erasmus+ and other international students participating in the courses of the lecturers involved. Together, they will look for innovative and sustainable solutions to the business challenges of companies that supply their production facilities with their own solar energy, want to switch from conventional to electric cars production, and for companies that face incompatible cultural values and expectations when expanding their business and production beyond national borders.

Students will try their hand as finance officers, tax advisors, accountants, cultural advisors, legal managers, sustainability officers, heads of marketing and HR managers. They will thus make decisions for their company in interdisciplinary and international teams. They will also report back to us on any problems that persist in the digital tool.

The lecturers will test both the tool and the prepared learning content, which will be upgraded and adapted as necessary after the testing. For the first time, they will also be able to give group and individual assessments to participating students via the tool, with descriptive feedback on those aspects of learning that they feel need to be highlighted.

Stay tuned as we will start to widely disseminate the use of the tool and the preparation of simulated learning content in other higher education institutions and companies once the testing is completed and necessary adjustments are made.


The project S.O.S. International Business is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation Partnerships.

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