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Second round of interviews commences


In the wake of the encouraging feedback regarding the impact of development of digital tool and its international simulations cases on internationalization of partner higher education institutions, researchers have launched the second round of interviews. This phase marks important step in the ongoing study, aiming to delve deeper into the understanding of potential change in attitudes and skills of the core content developers involved in the project.

A noteworthy aspect of this phase is the continuity within the core developer team, with all members remaining unchanged from the initial phase. This continuity provides a unique opportunity for longitudinal monitoring, allowing researchers to track the changes over time and gain valuable insights into its effects on internationalization within small HEIs.

Early observations from the ongoing interviews suggest a nuanced picture. While there remains a generally positive outlook on the potential of digital tools for international simulations to enhance internationalization efforts, developers have expressed concerns regarding the increasing burden, both in terms of content development and technological complexity. These concerns highlight the need for a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in integrating digital solutions into smaller HEI settings.

As the interviews progress, researchers are committed to exploring these emerging themes further. Stay tuned for further updates that will come from interviews as well as other research instruments, offering valuable insights into the role of digital solutions and innovative pedagogy in advancing the global reach of small higher education Institutions.



The project S.O.S. International Business is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation Partnerships.

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