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Positive Reception: Initial Findings of the Impact of Digital Tool and Simulation on the Internationalization of small HEIs


Within the SOS IB result 4, aimed at assessing the impact of developing digital tool and simulation cases on the internationalization of involved higher education institutions, we have gained first interesting insights! Researchers from VSR and IDOP have completed the coding of the first round of interviews with the pedagogical experts involved in the development, uncovering a spectrum of skill levels alongside generally positive attitudes towards both internationalization and digitalization initiatives.

The interviews, conducted just before the core development phase of the simulation cases, provide a foundational understanding of the current landscape. Given the longitudinal design of the study, researchers are eager to continue monitoring progress. We plan to conduct follow-up interviews after the testing of digital tool and its simulated cases, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of how such development influences internationalization over time. This milestone marks a significant step forward in understanding the potential of digital solutions in advancing the global reach of small HEIs.

The project S.O.S. International Business is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation Partnerships.


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